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What Does A Paralegal Do?

Aside every workers’ compensation lawyer is a dedicated paralegal.  At Stern & Cohen, our paralegals work diligently to make sure your Workers’ Compensation matter is a seamless process.

So, if you’ve been hurt on the job, we’ve got you covered.

Paralegals are responsible for a wide range of legal tasks.  A few main responsibilities include:

  • Preparing files for upcoming hearings.
    • This entails reviewing the file, preparing exhibits, and preparing our clients for testimony.
  • Advising the covering workers’ compensation attorney what has been done thus far, status of litigation, and what needs to be done.

Our paralegals work alongside the attorneys to ensure everything is prepared and ready when it is time for your hearing.

Because of the large role paralegals play in legal research, preparation, organizing files, and drafting documents, it is likely clients will frequently be in contact with Stern & Cohen paralegals. 


When it comes to Compromise and Release agreements (C&Rs), our paralegals will always review C&Rs internally as well as with the client.  Stern & Cohen paralegals will always prepare the client for Teams meetings to ensure minimal technical difficulties.  Alongside those tasks, they will also set up any preparation for testimonies.


Additionally, paralegals will also conduct all preparation for mediations.  This includes preparing the pre-mediation memo and preparing costs.  Cost preparation includes ensuring medical balances are done and double checking the covering attorney has completed the memo for the judge.


Our paralegals take on a lot of additional, miscellaneous tasks such as stipulations, subpoenas, moving party forms, etc.

Stern & Cohen paralegals are here to answer questions and put your mind at ease throughout any point in your Workers Compensation matter.

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Construction Accident $825,000 Union Laborer Suffered Catastrophic Leg Injury

We recovered $825,000 for a Union Laborer who suffered a catastrophic leg injury and depression after being struck by a falling beam that resulted in a below-knee amputation.

Slip and Fall $568,000 Worker Injured After Falling From Ladder on Construction Site

We recovered $568,000 for a Site Supervisor of a local construction company with serious foot and psychological injuries after falling from a ladder in a construction accident.

Driving Injuries $498,000 Driver Injuries Caused by Work Related Accidents

We recovered $498,000 for a Driver/Salesperson with neck, shoulder and knee injuries from two work related accidents.

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