Terri DelloBuono serves as the Executive Director at Stern & Cohen and brings a wealth of experience within the legal industry.

Drawing upon her extensive legal background, Terri collaborates closely with the management team, providing invaluable insight and guidance on all pivotal decisions.

Role and Contributions

Terri’s role is vital in optimizing the firm’s workflow. Her proactive approach ensures operational efficiency at every level, from spearheading the hiring process to implementing and managing software conversions. In addition, she ensures a harmonious and productive work environment, providing a culture of collaboration and mutual respect among team members. 

Terri also assumes responsibility for managing all financial aspects of the firm. She works closely with external accountants to maintain fiscal integrity and strategic financial planning.

With her unwavering dedication, comprehensive expertise, and innate leadership abilities, Terri continues to play an essential role in steering Stern & Cohen toward continued growth and success in the legal industry. 

Professional Memberships and Positions

Terri is a member the National Association of Legal Administrators and the Philadelphia ALA chapter where she served as Treasurer from 2020 to 2021.