The lawyers at Stern & Cohen have frequently handled cases for clients that have sustained traumatic burn injuries and other skin disfigurements at work. These incidents may occur from chemical burns, hot liquids or boiling water. Skin disfigurements can also occur from severe lacerations or facial/neck surgeries. We know these injuries can be very traumatic in nature. They may change your physical appearance forever. You need an injury attorney that has experience recovering compensation for such work accidents. In addition to leaving a potential permanent scar, these injuries can also cause lost wages and medical bills. Burn injuries and other disfigurements may also result in other types of injuries, such as nerve damage or mental (psychological) damage. It is important to have a law firm that can pursue all the compensation that you are entitled to under the law.

If you sustain a burn injury at work or an accident results in any type of skin laceration, the insurance company must pay for any medical treatment that you require. This includes any treatment, including skin grafts, stitches or surgery for the wounds. Furthermore, if the permanent change in your appearance causes depression or anxiety, those medical bills must also be paid. The obligation to pay for medical treatment for your burn or disfigurement injury is open-ended and may last your lifetime. Furthermore, the insurance company must pay for any lost wages that result from your burn or disfigurement injury. They often try to avoid that requirement.

Moreover, if your burn or disfigurement injury results in permanent scarring to your head, face or neck, you are entitled to benefits under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act called “specific loss benefits.” These are money benefits for the scarring that you have incurred. Efforts have been made for legislation to include scars below the neck, but currently, financial recovery for disfigurement only include the neck and above. You are entitled to the scarring benefits plus the lost wages, if you have both. These benefits are awarded based on your pre-injury pay. For example, if you earn $900 per week at work and we pursue a disfigurement claim on your behalf, benefits are payable at $600 per week (two-thirds of your salary). If the Judge awards “50 weeks” as a disfigurement award, then the financial recovery for the scarring is $30,000.

Recently, the lawyers at Stern & Cohen resolved a scarring claim for $143,500. So, as you can see, these awards can be substantial, but you need an attorney experience at handling burn injuries and other disfigurement claims. Even if the insurance company agrees to pay your medical bills and lost wages, they will never agree to pay you scarring benefits voluntarily. This will require an attorney. The consultation with Stern & Cohen is free. We only recover, if you recover.

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