How Injured Drivers Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Pennsylvanians who drive for a living unfortunately get injured quite often.

Possibly the most common way of getting injured for a driver is a motor vehicle accident on their route. If an accident happens to a driver, they are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, regardless of who was at fault.

When the accident is another driver’s fault, however, it may also give rise to a claim known as third-party action. In this situation there might be a separate case, in addition to a workers’ compensation case, against the person at fault.

Another thing we see with drivers is they are usually making deliveries in some form. As such, they are constantly on other people’s property, subjecting themselves to the conditions of that property. For example, we see drivers fall on someone’s steps leading to a home, slip on water, slip on ice and so on.

And the third, of course, is lifting injuries. There are obviously several ways freight could injure a driver. For example, we see drivers suffer injuries when handling freight, or connecting landing gear to their trucks. This could be from lifting or from a package falling onto their body.

In reality, we see drivers with the full spectrum of injuries, ranging from concussions down to a twisted ankle.

The insurance company and the employers generally do not want to pay the fair amount of compensation. Oftentimes they will make efforts to stop the payments even after they have accepted liability.

That’s why we focus on getting injured drivers the maximum benefits they deserve.

Let Our Firm Handle Your Claim

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