How Does Social Media Impact My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

June 29, 2023
Stern & Cohen
How Does Social Media Impact My Workers Compensation Claim - Stern & Cohen - Workers Compensation - David Stern and Taylor Cohen

In the age of digital connectivity, where our lives unfold in a virtual realm, it’s easy to underestimate the far-reaching consequences of our online activities. But here’s a startling truth: the posts you make on social media platforms can wield immense power, capable of shaping the fate of your workers’ compensation claim. Insurance carriers and their attorneys investigate your online presence and are prepared to scrutinize every aspect of your life.

When you post on social media, it stays public forever, even if you hit that delete button. Social media pictures and messages are often used as ammunition in litigation battles. From the juggernauts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to the trending platforms of YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn, nowhere is truly safe.

How to Protect Yourself

  • Make sure you keep your profile private and do not post the details of your workers compensation claim on social media. Be mindful of who you allow to see your profile. These “friends” or “companions” may be an insurance carrier trying to gain access to your profile.
  • Additionally, posting pictures that go against your doctor’s orders may derail your claim. This is essential because you want to have as much credibility as possible before a Judge rules on your case.
  • Avoid posting on social media during your case to prevent insurance carriers and their attorneys from finding ways to negatively affect your claim. Defense attorneys will constantly look for ways to undermine the validity of your claim so staying off social media will be your best option.
  • It is important to note, if you already posted something on social media prior to the start of your workers compensation claim, do not remove it because it will be seen as tampering of evidence. Stay calm and do not post on social for the duration of your workers’ compensation claim.
  • Privacy also applies to friends and family. Be sure your loved ones do not tag you in any posts that can possibly be compromising to your workers’ compensation claim. Insurance carriers and their attorneys will look to your loved ones to find any compromising information that will negatively affect your case. Be sure to let your loved ones know this information in order to protect your claim.
  • Do not text anyone about the details of your case. These messages can be used against you in litigation. This is important because you do not want any unwarranted information to leak to the opposing party. You also do not want to communicate with your attorney using any work device as employers can use this information against you in litigation

Remember, during the course of your workers’ compensation claim, silence is your ally. The temptation to share your experiences or vent your frustrations on social media may be strong, but it’s a slippery slope.

We understand the importance of social media in our lives and how easy it is to communicate information to others. However, it is essential to be careful about what you post to protect your workers’ compensation claim.


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